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viernes, 24 de marzo de 2023

What is pericoronitis? Causes, symptoms and treatment


Pericoronitis is an inflammation of the soft tissue that covers or surrounds a tooth that is in the process of eruption. This condition can occur in primary, mixed and permanent dentition.

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Watch the video 🔽 What You Should Know About Pericoronitis ... The patient presents with chewing pain, bad breath, inflammation of the gums and in some cases bleeding in the inflamed area.

By partially erupting, the soft tissue can accumulate food and bacteria that are difficult to remove. When the soft tissue becomes inflamed, it causes pain when chewing.


Pericoronitis must be treated in time to avoid more serious infectious processes. Learn about the definition, causes, symptoms and treatment of pericoronitis.

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viernes, 27 de enero de 2023

Tooth extractions in orthodontics? - Why Do Orthodontists Extract Teeth?


Before carrying out an orthodontic treatment, a correct diagnosis is essential, and for this, radiographs (cephalometric and panoramic), clinical examination, photographs, and study models are used.

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Watch the video 🔽 ORTHODONTICS : Serial extraction of primary teeth ... Serial extraction is the planned dental extraction of primary and permanent teeth in order to alleviate dental crowding.

Once the analysis is finished, the type of treatment that the patient will receive is determined, and sometimes it is recommended to perform dental extractions. The patient must be informed about the importance of dental extractions.


Tooth extractions are part of the orthodontic procedure, and it is important that the patient knows the reasons and the importance of this procedure.

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lunes, 2 de enero de 2023

Neonatal Sucking Pads of the Lips - Causes and Characteristics

Oral Surgery

The sucking pads are presented on the lips of babies as a product of breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Many parents are concerned about the appearance of corns in the baby.

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Article PDF 🔽 Oral Characteristics of Newborns ... Knowing the characteristics of the baby's oral cavity is of importance for the general dentist, because more and more parents attend consultations to resolve doubts about the oral health of their children.

The presence of suction pads is part of the growth and adaptation of the baby to the friction of the lip with the mother's breast or bottle. It is important to know the normal characteristics and their anatomical variations of the baby's oral cavity.


We share interesting information about the causes and characteristics of suction pads or suction calluses that occur in babies.

📌Download the article in PDF :

👉 READ AND DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLE "Sucking Pads in a Full-Term Newborn" IN PDF, HERE 👈

Juliette Thariat, MD. Sucking Pads in a Full-Term Newborn. The Journal of }pediatrics. 2011;158:166

📌 Watch the video "Neonatal Sucking Blister.Breastfeeding Blister.Suction Pad Of Neonate"

Youtube/ Dr.Tanuja Kabir

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miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2022

Oral Surgery: 10 most read articles in 2022

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a specialty of dentistry that studies, prevents, diagnoses, and performs surgical procedures on alterations in the oral cavity.

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Watch the video 🔽 Top 10 Mouth Cancer Symptoms ... The early detection of cancer ensures a better recovery and success of the treatment, for that we must know the warning signs and the changes that happen in our mouth

On the other hand, maxillofacial surgery studies, diagnoses and surgically treats the disorders that affect the maxillofacial complex.


We share the 10 most read, shared and downloaded oral surgery articles (articles, videos and clinical cases) in 2022.

1. PDF ► Odontogenic facial cellulitis in a pediatric patient - Diagnosis, treatment and multidisciplinary management

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5. Video ► Inferior alveolar nerve block Technique For Children - Tips and tricks

6. Video ► What is a dry socket? All you need to know

7. PDF ► Oral Surgery: Use of laser in lingual frenectomy in pediatric patients

8. PDF ► Mandibular tumors in pediatric patients. Report of 04 cases of aggressive tumors

9. PDF ► Antimicrobial therapies for odontogenic infections in children and adolescents

10. PDF ► Techniques and recommendations for an extraction in pediatric dentistry

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2022

Frequent oral pathologies in the newborn - Diagnosis and treatment (cysts, infections, tumors)


The newborn can present a series of pathologies that must be detected in time for early treatment. Sometimes the obstetrician or pediatrician does not recognize oral alterations, so evaluation by a pediatric dentist is important.

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Download the PDF 🔽 Neonatal tooth with Riga-Fede disease affecting breastfeeding: A case report ... Neonatal teeth generate an ulcer in the sublingual region, and it is known as Riga-Fede disease. Breastfeeding is compromised by the discomfort generated by the ulcer.

Some of the pathologies can cause limitations in feeding and in the development of the baby, so it is necessary to explain and guide the parents about the alterations found, the repercussions and the appropriate treatment.


The video that we share details the most common oral pathologies in neonates, detailing their etiology, clinical characteristics, diagnosis and treatment.

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Youtube/ Dr Mandana Donoghue

jueves, 3 de noviembre de 2022

What is Oral Candidiasis? - Everything you need to know - Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


The Candida Albicans fungus, responsible for oral candidiasis, lives in our oral cavity together with other microorganisms but does not generate any pathological alteration.

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Download the PDF 🔽 Management of Angular Cheilitis in children ... Angular Cheilitis occurs more in children and it is caused by children sensitivity against certain contact agents like toys, foods, sunlight, allergy against medicines, cosmetics, and long term antibiotic treatment.

The disease manifests itself when the balance of the bacterial flora is disturbed or the patient's immunity decreases. Candida albicans most commonly affects infants and older adults, as they often have reduced immunity.


All the information about Oral Candidiasis and its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment in the video that we share below.

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lunes, 31 de octubre de 2022

Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: Minimally Invasive Treatments - Step by Step


The tooth affected by molar incisor hypomineralization has a porous appearance with brown, yellow and opaque white stains. It is of unknown etiology and the patient is affected in aesthetics.

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Download the PDF 🔽 Modified Hall technique in hypomineralized molar ... We share the management of severely hypomineralized molars using the modified Hall technique, indicating its advantages, objectives and the step-by-step process

The patient may present sensitivity, and an accelerated wear of the dental structure. The risk of caries is high and must be treated to prevent tooth loss.


We share the management protocol and techniques of minimally invasive treatments that exist for molar incisor hypomineralization.

📌Download the article in PDF :

👉 READ AND DOWNLOAD "Molar incisor hypomineralization (MIH): conservative treatment management to restore affected teeth" IN FULL IN PDF👈

Fragelli, Camila & Souza, Juliana & Jeremias, Fabiano & Cordeiro, Rita & Santos-Pinto, Lourdes. (2015). Molar incisor hypomineralization (MIH): conservative treatment management to restore affected teeth. Brazilian oral research.

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Fuente: Youtube/ Elevate Oral Care