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Neonatal tooth with Riga-Fede disease affecting breastfeeding: A case report

Neonatal tooth

Neonatal teeth are those that erupt in the first weeks of life, unlike natal teeth that are present in the oral cavity at birth. The presence of these teeth has an impact on breastfeeding and on the baby's oral health.

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Neonatal teeth generate an ulcer in the sublingual region, and it is known as Riga-Fede disease. Breastfeeding is compromised by the discomfort generated by the ulcer.


We share an article that describes the characteristics of neonatal teeth and their implications for the health and breastfeeding of the baby.

Oral Medicine

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Jamani, N.A., Ardini, Y.D. & Harun, N.A. Neonatal tooth with Riga-Fide disease affecting breastfeeding: a case report. Int Breastfeed J 13, 35 (2018).
Image: Adone Baroni MD / Carlo Capristo MD / Luigi Rossiello MD / Franco Faccenda MD / Rocco Alfredo Satriano MD
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