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What is the best pulp dressing for pulpotomies in primary teeth? - Review


Caries is an infectious process that affects the dental structure and compromises the pulp, putting the vitality and permanence of the tooth at risk. Pulpal therapies in primary dentition have as main objective to maintain the tooth until its natural exfoliation.

Pulpotomy removes the pulp from the pulp chamber and places a dressing to stop bleeding and mummify the entrance to the radicular pulp. This procedure maintains the vitality of the primary tooth.


Different pulp dressings have been used in pulpotomies, each with different characteristics and properties. The article we share compares all pulp dressings to determine which is the most effective.


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Bossù, M., Iaculli, F., Di Giorgio, G., Salucci, A., Polimeni, A., & Di Carlo, S. (2020). Different Pulp Dressing Materials for the Pulpotomy of Primary Teeth: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Journal of clinical medicine, 9(3), 838. https://doi.org/10.3390/jcm9030838

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