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Odontogenic Infection in Pediatric Dentistry: Facial Cellulitis, Ludwig's Angina - Diagnosis, clinical and pharmacological management

Odontogenic Infection

Odontogenic infections affect dental and periodontal structures and are the main cause of dental consultation. Untreated infections can be life-threatening.

Odontogenic infections are rapidly evolving, spreading to various regions of the face and neck. Care must be immediate and effective, and in many cases hospitalization is required.


We share a series of articles on odontogenic infections in pediatric dentistry, diagnosis, clinical manifestations, pharmacological and surgical management.

🎯Scientific Articles, PDF Articles, videos and more about odontogenic infections in pediatric dentistry below

📌Odontogenic infection

Management of acute orofacial infection of odontogenic origin in children - Diagnosis, clinic and pharmacology

Antimicrobial therapies for odontogenic infections in children and adolescents

Facial swelling in a pediatric patient - Causes, clinical and radiological manifestations

Odontogenic infection in facial spaces - Pharmacological and surgical management in pediatric patients

📌Face Cellulite

Odontogenic facial cellulitis in a pediatric patient - Diagnosis, treatment and multidisciplinary management

📌Ludwig's angina

Ludwig's Angina. Presentation of a pediatric case


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