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Pulpectomy: Clinical Tips and Tricks in Paediatric Dentistry


In pediatric dentistry there are treatments that are performed when the dental pulp of the primary tooth is affected by caries or an accident, they are: pulpotomy (partial removal of the nerve), pulpectomy (total removal of the nerve), direct and indirect pulp lining.

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Pulpectomy is performed when there is an infectious process (fistula or abscess), chronic inflammation, or pulp necrosis. The objective of this treatment is to maintain the tooth to avoid problems of poor dental position of the permanent teeth.


We share a webinar dictated by Dr Shah and published on The Kenya Association of Pediatric Dentists channel, which tells us about pulpectomies, its importance and tips for implementation.


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Source: Youtube/ The Kenya Association of Paediatric Dentists

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