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Guide for the surgical management and oral pathology of the pediatric patient

Oral Pathology

To perform a surgical procedure in pediatric patients, we must take into account a series of special considerations, such as knowledge of anatomy, dental development and eruption, behavior and behavior of the patient.

Some of the pathologies that we can frequently find in children that need surgical procedures are: supernumerary and impacted teeth, congenital cysts, mucoceles.


We share a manual that offers us recommendations and criteria for surgical procedures in pediatric patients and the most common pathological cases (biopsies, cysts, tumors, natal and neonatal teeth, mucocele, granulomas)

Oral Medicine

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American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Management considerations for pediatric oral surgery and oral pathology. The Reference Manual of Pediatric Dentistry. Chicago, Ill.: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry; 2021:450-60.

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