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Management of mandibular fractures in children. Diagnosis and treatment. Case report

Oral Surgery

Mandibular fractures in children are rare, and deserve special care because they are in full growth and craniofacial development. The appropriate treatment will depend on the age of the child and the affected mandibular area.

The evaluation and treatment must be immediate to avoid functional disorders, serious consequences in the craniofacial development and in the aesthetics of the patient. The treatment of mandibular fractures can be conservative or surgical.


We share the recommendations for the diagnosis, management and treatment of mandibular fractures in pediatric patients, and we report the case of a 3-year-old patient and her surgical treatment.

Oral Surgery

馃憠 Article 1: READ AND DOWNLOAD "Mandibular fractures in children under 3 years: A rare case report" IN FULL IN PDF馃憟

Renato Maranoa, Patr铆cio de Oliveira Netoa, Keiko Oliveira Sakugawab, Liliane S.S. Zanettic, M谩rcio de Moraesa. Mandibular fractures in children under 3 years: A rare case report. Rev Port Estomatol Med Dent Cir Maxilofac. 2013;54(3):166–170

馃憠 Article 2: READ AND DOWNLOAD "What are the differences in Pediatric Mandible Fractures?" IN FULL IN PDF馃憟

Karacor- Altuntas Z, Ismayilzade M (2017) What are the Differences in Pediatric Mandible Fractures? J. Aesthet Reconstr Surg. Vol 3 No.2: 11

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