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Reimplantation of avulsed permanent teeth after three days: Clinical case in a pediatric patient

Dental emergency

Dental avulsion consists of the total detachment of the tooth from the socket, as a consequence of a strong trauma that affects the oral cavity. Given this urgency, it is important to go to the dentist to be able to reimplant it.

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By means of dental reimplantation, the avulsed tooth is inserted into its socket, and then a clinical and radiographic follow-up is carried out in order to ensure the success of the treatment.

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We share an article that reports two clinical cases of patients who suffered an avulsion, and the teeth were reimplanted after 72 hours. Subsequent evaluation confirms the success of the procedure.


Ize‑Iyamu and Saheeb: Reimplantation of avulsed dry permanent teeth after three days. Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice • Jan-Mar 2013 • Vol 16 • Issue 1

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