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ORAL REHABILITATION of a child with dentinogenesis imperfecta

Oral Rehabilitation

Imperfect dentinogenesis is a developmental disorder of the dentin (histodifferentiation phase), hereditary, is rare and can affect the primary and permanent dentition.

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The tooth has normal-appearing enamel, but being on defective dentin, it tends to fracture easily. For this reason, the professional must know its characteristics for good management.

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We share the clinical case of an oral rehabilitation of a 05-year-old boy with imperfect dentinogenesis. We can see the treatment plan and the excellent result.


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Kelly Maria Silva Moreira / Cibele Aparecida Silva / Rayen Milanao Drugowick / Jos茅 Carlos Pettorossi Imparato / Juliana Braga Reis Oral rehabilitation of a child with dentinogenesis imperfecta – case report RSBO (Online) vol.12 no.3 Joinville Jul./Set. 2015

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