martes, 5 de enero de 2021

What are the medicines used in pediatric dentistry?


During pediatric dentistry, a series of drugs are used to control pain, inflammation and infections that the pediatric patient may present. It is important that the pediatric dentist and general dentist know the management of drugs in children.

When a drug is to be prescribed, it is important that the professional knows the drug, as well as the necessary dose to be administered, in this way we avoid bacterial resistance.

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We share with you an interesting video from the AtoZ Kidsdental channel that tells us about the drugs most used in pediatric dentistry.

This video explains why and teaches you how to do it safely using a simple 4 step method. Thanks to the RN Kid channel that offers us a very simple way to calculate the doses in children


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Source: Youtube/ AtoZ Kidsdental

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