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Neonatal Sucking Pads of the Lips - Causes and Characteristics

Oral Surgery

The sucking pads are presented on the lips of babies as a product of breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Many parents are concerned about the appearance of corns in the baby.

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Article PDF 馃斀 Oral Characteristics of Newborns ... Knowing the characteristics of the baby's oral cavity is of importance for the general dentist, because more and more parents attend consultations to resolve doubts about the oral health of their children.

The presence of suction pads is part of the growth and adaptation of the baby to the friction of the lip with the mother's breast or bottle. It is important to know the normal characteristics and their anatomical variations of the baby's oral cavity.


We share interesting information about the causes and characteristics of suction pads or suction calluses that occur in babies.

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Juliette Thariat, MD. Sucking Pads in a Full-Term Newborn. The Journal of }pediatrics. 2011;158:166

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