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Deformity of the tongue in an infant: Riga-Fede disease

Oral Medicine

It is known as Riga-Fede disease to the benign ulcer located in the lingual frenulum or on the ventral aspect of the tongue in most cases. This lesion occurs in newborn babies with natal or neonatal teeth.

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But it can also appear late in babies older than 06 months of age, and it is due to the appearance of the first teeth. A differential diagnosis must be made to rule out any infection or neoplastic lesion.


We present the case of an 11-month-old girl who presented with an ulceration on her tongue. The diagnosis and the treatment carried out are reported.

Oral Medicine

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Eley, Karen & Watt-Smith, Pauline & Watt-Smith, Stephen. (2010). Deformity of the tongue in an infant: Riga-Fede disease. Paediatrics & child health. 15. 581-2. 10.1093/pch/15.9.581.

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