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Riga Fede Disease Treatment: Case Report

Riga Fede Disease

Riga Fede disease is an ulcer that appears on the ventral aspect of the tongue of newborn babies or infants with natal or neonatal teeth. These ulcers are painful and are involved in feeding babies.

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The presence of natal or neonatal teeth are not common, and usually appear in the lower jaw at the level of the central incisors. The intervention of the pediatric dentist is necessary for the evaluation and adequate treatment.

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We share an article that presents the case of a 20-day-old baby whose feeding was affected by a 5 x 8 mm ulcer on the tongue.


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Alahmari, A. (2017). Management of Riga-Fede disease: A Case Report. Dentistry 3000, 7, 1-3.

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