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Oral characteristics of newborns - PDF

Pediatric Denstistry

The newborn has characteristics and pathologies typical of its stage of development, which every dentist must know in order to be able to answer the parents' concerns regarding the child's oral health.

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Knowing the common characteristics of the oral cavity of the newborn allows the dentist to identify the anomalies that may occur.

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We share an interesting article that informs us about the characteristics and variations of the newborn's oral cavity, for the knowledge of the general dentist.


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Cintia Magali da Silva, DDS,MSc / Marcelo Montanha Ramos, DDS / Cleide Felício de Carvalho Carrara, DDS, MSc / Gisele da Silva Dalben, DDS, MSc, PhD Journal of Dentistry for Children-75:1, 2008

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