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Hall Technique Procedure Manual: Advantages, Disadvantages, Step-by-Step Procedure

Hall Technique

Caries is an infectious, multifactorial and most prevalent disease that affects the dental surface of the primary and permanent dentition. It is important to rehabilitate the affected teeth to avoid serious consequences in the development of the dentition.

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Article PDF 馃斀 Hall technique: Complete information for the treatment of carious primary molars ... Steel crowns are used in pediatric dentistry when primary teeth are severely damaged by dental caries. They are usually placed after pulp treatment and in hypoplastic teeth.

The Hall technique is a safe and effective procedure that prevents the advance of dental caries in primary teeth. One of its great advantages is its low cost and little prior preparation.


We share a manual on the Hall technique, detailing step by step its preparation and the justification for its use in controlling dental caries in primary dentition.

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The Hall Technique A minimal intervention, child centred approach to managing the carious primary molar. Text copyright Nicola Innes, Dafydd Evans, Matthew Stewart, Alex Keightley. University of Dundee. Edition 4: 01.07.15

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