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Hall technique: Complete information for the treatment of carious primary molars

Hall Technique

Caries is an infectious process that seriously affects dental enamel, and when it is not treated in time, it endangers the permanence of the tooth in the oral cavity.

Steel crowns are used in pediatric dentistry when primary teeth are severely damaged by dental caries. They are usually placed after pulp treatment and in hypoplastic teeth.


The objective of the article is to provide adequate information on the Hall technique, indications, contraindications, disadvantages, and the cost-effectiveness of this procedure. A complete analysis of this rehabilitation technique for carious primary teeth.

Hall Technique

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Altoukhi DH, El-Housseiny AA. Hall Technique for Carious Primary Molars: A Review of the Literature. Dent J (Basel). 2020 Jan 17;8(1):11. doi: 10.3390/dj8010011. PMID: 31963463; PMCID: PMC7148518.

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