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Prosthetics in Paediatric Dentistry - Article in PDF

Oral Rehabilitation

The loss of one or more primary teeth can be due to extensive cavities (bottle caries) or to a fracture involving the tooth root (dental trauma). The absence of these teeth generates a series of problems in the occlusion and aesthetics of the child.

The migration of the adjacent teeth, the loss of the alveolar bone and poor occlusion are some of the problems caused by missing teeth. The pediatric patient should undergo radiographic examinations and evaluated by the pediatric dentist and orthodontist.


We share an article that tells us about the importance of dental prostheses in children, and what are the characteristics that they should have.

Oral Rehabilitation

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Zoran Vulićević, Miloš Beloica, Dušan Kosanović, Ivana Radović, Jelena Juloski, Dragan Ivanović. Balk J Dent Med, Vol 21, 2017. Prosthetics in Paediatric Dentistry

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