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martes, 23 de noviembre de 2021

Virtual Library - Wisdom Teeth: Everything you need to know

Wisdom Teeth

The third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, are the last molars to appear in the dental arch, in an age range between 16 and 25 years. When these teeth are retained they can cause pain, food accumulation or pericoronitis.

The presence of this molar generates doubts and fear in the patient, and the dental community is in charge of clearing all the questions and myths that have been created.

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We share an interesting list of articles and videos that answer all the questions about wisdom teeth.

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8 interesting facts about the Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth and orthodontics: Are they related?

Extraction of Third Molars : Why?

THIRD MOLARS: To extract or not to extract?

What problems can wisdom teeth cause?

Animated Video: Wisdom Tooth Extraction

miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2021

8 interesting facts about the Wisdom Tooth

Oral Surgery

The presence of the third molars causes great fear and discomfort to the patient. The wisdom tooth must be removed to prevent a series of consequences such as: food accumulation, pericoronitis, caries, inflammation of the gums, etc.

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Wisdom teeth generate a lot of anxiety and questions in the patient, and it is necessary for the professional to answer each of them in order to generate calm and confidence in the patient.

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We share an article that answers the most frequent questions that a patient asks before undergoing removal of wisdom teeth.

What are tonsil stones?
Oral Medicine


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jueves, 16 de abril de 2020

Extraction of Third Molars : Why?

Wisdom tooth

The third molars appear between 17 and 25 years of age approximately, and when they appear they generate a series of problems such as pain, inflammation and in some cases infection.

The extraction of the third molars is to prevent the consequences of their eruption, it is important to use x-rays to perform the surgical procedure. This video discusses common problems associated with wisdom teeth such as infection, decay, and gum disease, and its rational for removal.

Oral Health

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Source: Youtube/ Kazemi Oral Surgery & Dental Implants