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What are those bony bumps in my mouth? (Torus)


Torus are exostoses or benign bony protrusions that appear in the upper or lower jaw. It can be unilateral or bilateral, and its etiology is unknown, but it is related to genetic factors, trauma or environmental factors.

The torus should be removed if they are large and generate aesthetic, chewing, swallowing problems, or when they interfere with the making of dental prostheses.


The bony bumps (torus) are slow growing and can appear in the upper or lower jaw, their removal is surgical. More information about its characteristics and manifestations in the article that we share.

Oral Surgery

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Soumya Chatterjee. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine Jan 2016, 83 (1) 17-18; DOI: 10.3949/ccjm.83a.15033

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