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Anterior crossbite - Diagnosis and orthopedic treatment


The anterior crossbite is a malocclusion that has several etiologies and is characterized when the upper incisors are behind the lower incisors, it develops in the primary and mixed dentition.

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Article PDF 馃斀 Early Treatment of Anterior Crossbite with Eruption Guidance Appliance: A Case Report ... During this clinical case, an eruption guidance appliance (EGA) was used in a 05-year-old patient (mixed dentition) for 07 months with satisfactory results.

Treatment must be early to avoid complications in the permanent dentition and in the aesthetics of the patient. It begins with treatment with orthopedic devices.


The case, diagnosis and progression of treatment (orthopedic phase and orthodontic phase) of a pediatric patient with anterior open bite are presented.

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Ruiz LCC, S谩ez EG. Orthopaedic correction of an anterior cross-bite. Rev Mex Ortodon. 2015;3(4):239-248.

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