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How to Apply: Clinpro Sealant - Step by step


Dental sealants are flowable resins that are placed in the pits and fissures of teeth (usually molars) to prevent cavities. The sealant is placed when the permanent molars erupt (approximately 6 years).

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To avoid tooth decay, preventive measures are taken, both at home (brush, toothpaste, floss and rinse) and in the dental office (application of fluoride, fluoride varnish, dental sealants).

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There are several benefits of dental sealants, for example: it contributes to good brushing, prevents the accumulation of plaque in pits and fissures, avoids the presence of cavities on the occlusal surfaces, etc. We share with you a video about the application of Clinpro Sealant from the 3M Oral Care channel.

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Source: Youtube/ Henry ScheinUK

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