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What is Trismus and what causes it?


Trismus has a number of potential causes, which range from the simple and non-progressive to those that are potentially life-threatening.2–6 Kazanjian divided ankylosis of the temporomandibular joint into true and false.

The true type of ankylosis was attributed to pathological conditions of the joint, and false ankylosis was applied to restrictions of movement resulting from extra-articular joint abnormalities.

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This latter type of ankylosis is what most clinicians know as trismus. In a busy practice, it is not unusual to see several patients each month with a complaint of trismus. This condition may impair eating, impede oral hygiene, restrict access for dental procedures and adversely affect speech and facial appearance.

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What is Normal Opening of the Mouth?

The normal range of mouth opening varies from patient to patient, within a range of 40– 60 mm, although some authors place the lower limit at 35 mm. The width of the index finger at the nail bed is between 17 and 19 mm.

° Dent Update 2002; 29: 88–94 / P.J. DHANRAJANI AND O. JONAIDEL

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