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Antibiotics: Use and misuse in pediatric dentistry


Antibiotics are prescribed in dental practice for prophylactic and therapeutic reasons. Prophylactic antibiotics are prescribed to prevent diseases caused by members of the oral flora introduced to distant sites in a host at risk or introduced to a local compromised site in a host at risk.

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In most cases, prophylaxis is used for prevention of endocarditis. Therapeutic antibiotics are prescribed, in most cases, to treat diseases of the hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity after local debridement has failed.

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Antibiotics are prescribed for oral conditions related to endodontic, oral surgical, and periodontal manifestations. Unwarranted use of antibiotics are reported in children; mostly for ear and dental infections. However, in children, increasing microbial resistance to antibiotics is a well-documented and is a serious global health concern.


Antibiotic resistance is due to inappropriate use of antibiotics by clinicians. One factor that may contribute is the inappropriate use of antibiotics in dentistry.

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