Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta Tongue Tie. Mostrar todas las entradas
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta Tongue Tie. Mostrar todas las entradas

miércoles, 15 de julio de 2020

Benefits of Tongue Tie Surgery

Tongue Tie

The tongue tie is a problem that limits children in activities such as: talking and breastfeeding. So it is very important to attend to this condition as soon as possible.

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The procedure is surgical and achieves great benefits, such as increasing breastfeeding capacity. The procedure is safe, practical and fast, which does not keep the child in greater danger.

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An extensive explanation is made in this interview conducted on ALL Health TV, and shared with you to learn more about the benefits of this surgery.

Oral Surgery

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Source: Youtube/ All Health TV

domingo, 3 de mayo de 2020

VIDEO: What are the symptoms of Tongue Tie?

Tongue Tie

Tongue tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is when the tongue is limited in its movements by the position of the lingual frenulum.

One of the characteristics of the lingual frenulum is that it joins from the base of the tongue to the tip, and this creates difficulty in sticking out the tongue, speaking and swallowing.

How can you tell if your baby has a tongue-tie? Dr. Leslie Haller, General Dentist with Tongue Tie South Florida, explains tongue-tie symptoms, such as having a bubble on the baby's lip, which is a blister; difficulty lifting the tongue, and trouble sticking out the tongue, among others.


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Source: Youtube/ All Health TV